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The definition for “Security” is “Freedom from risk or danger”.

GMP Kaisar Security thoroughly understands and realized the meaning and we endeavor to undertake the task of Securing and Deterring the risk of loss and damage either to properties or life. We intend to free our clients from the threats of harm to them, economically or emotionally. We provide them freedom from doubt, anxiety or fear and are confidence to conduct their daily activities. With a wide range of security services, GMP Kaisar Security is sufficiently prepared to Protect You.


To provide our clients the mental liberty from danger.


Our vision is to be a premier Security Company providing full-fledged security services including the Cash Management Services customized and tailored to meet various needs of our clients.


Our mission is to be highly innovative and to continuously improvise the work processes to ensure our security services are always up to or exceed the clients’ expectations.


Our security personnel motto, “Mesra, Tegas dan Disiplin” is our emphasis to the services we provide.

· Mesra

We understand the significance of presentation. Our security guards are Friendly and Courteous when approached by client's guests or visitors.

· Tegas

When situation demands, they will be Firm and Resilient to their orders. The guards are resolute and uncompromising in enforcing the management’s security policies.

· Disiplin

Discipline is the vital character of GMP Kaisar Security. The security guards are properly trained; mentally and physically; by ex-army and police personnel. They are drilled to
  - Obey instructions;
  - Alert to detect any impending danger or harm;
  - Skilled behavior.

Our security personnel are mind-set to be responsible and committed to their task. They are trained professionals and treat this profession as a career with emphasis on Social Responsibility.

GMP Kaisar Security focus lies in delivering outstanding services and to constantly improve to the market demands. We offer long and short-term security guard services. For further information, please go to types of security services.

Our security guards are currently protecting corporate office buildings and factories, schools and residential gated communities throughout the country

Today we can claim with pride that all our present clients are satisfied with our services.

With our offices located in the West and East coast of the Peninsular Malaysia, we are well positioned to Operate and Respond with Efficiency and Effectiveness to any security needs.

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